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The teams from MIT, Solar Freeze, and Hunnarshala Foundation have been operating chambers in the United States, Kenya, and India and gathering data on the thermal performance of the chambers and how the improvements in the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.


A technical report covering the following topics can be downloaded below

  • Background on forced-air evaporative cooling and the chamber design

  • Thermal performance of the chambers,

    • Heat transfer modeling

    • Experimental results

  • Vegetable shelf-life

  • Cost analysis and comparison to competitive technologies 




Vegetable Shelf-Life

A shelf-life experiment was conducted in Kenya with spinach stored

  • Inside the forced-air evaporative cooling chamber

  • Outside the chamber in the shade


The spinach stored outdoors shows significant wilting by the second day, and the spinach is completely spoiled by the third day.


The spinach stored in the forced-air evaporative cooling chamber only shows moderate wilting by the third day and is still saleable after the fifth day.


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